Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Okay. So that might be a tad bit dramatic. But...today would certainly rank in the top 13 worst days of my life. 

Sinus infection. Check. 
Locked out of room. Check.
Coughed up lungs, making for one awkward home teachers' visit. Check.
Got sent home from tennis. Check.
Couldn't go to pilates. Check. 
Vacuum girl woke me up. Check. 
Doctor didn't make time to call in prescription. Check.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, World. 


Bennett and Stacie said...
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Bennett and Stacie said...

That is tragic dear! I'm so sorry! If you need anything I'm just across the hall and two doors down. Did she get your prescription called in today?

P.S. Our delicious meal and thought provoking conversation at the cannon has got to count for something, right?