i believe in happiness, hard work, + long sunday naps.

i am a dreamer, an adventurer, and one of the most easily inspired people you'll ever meet.
i'm a student and photographer, daughter, friend, and soon-to-be (!!!) wife.
i am passionate about a few too many things... but they all make me so happy, i can't even help it!

i'm obsessed with travel {like, i'm that annoying friend that's out of town every weekend shooting a wedding or visiting family or hopping across the globe} and culture and can't seem to keep my feet in one place for longer than two weeks.
i love frozen yogurt and carmeled apples in the fall and the feeling of sand between my toes.
nothing excites me more than stepping foot in a new country, helping someone, or capturing somebody's perfect moment.

i've spent time around the world photographing, volunteering, and exploring.
and it was in south america that i fell in love with the cutest boy on the planet, who i'll marry in december!

i am a mormon, and my religion is a huge part of who i am.
i'm a recent byu public health grad and will start my master's program in public health nursing // nurse midwifery at johns hopkins university in baltimore in may 2014.

i currently reside in the utah // colorado region, but i'd love to come photograph you and explore your neck of the woods!

this blog is a culmination of my art + images, travels {and tips!}, experiences, + little pieces of happiness... in hopes that, one day i'll pass my inspiration on to one {or twenty!} of you.

i'm always looking for my next adventure and love new friends; 
would you care to join me?


Diary of a Brown Eyed Girl said...

I just love your blog.
New follower :)
What type of chronic illness do you have? I have been sick for a long time too but the doctors can't figure out what it is.
Question for you...
How did you find out that you had a gluten-intolerance?


Lauren & Dan said...

You have forgotten to add a few things that you are:
super beautiful.
an amazing and loyal friend.
the smartest chica I know.
very, very creative.
SUPER devoted to your work.
and that you are trying to save the world.

Love ya lady!

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