Saturday, June 20, 2009

and there'll be SUN, SUN, SUN!

so although things are still quite rough health-wise for me, i am trying for that whole positivity thing here. so i would like to give my sincerest compliments to mr. sun, who decided to grace us coloradans with his ever-so-appreciated glory all day. t'was beautiful.
and it also made my prescription from el doctor to take in extra vitamin d even more enjoyable. i got to sit on my back porch (with the company of a terribly hungry deer who was particularly stoked about our tree selection), bask in the sunshine, and write my favorite missionary.
another thing that makes me feel nothing but sunshine (no matter the weather) is this delightful little diddy. not only does it bring back some of my fondest memories, it is a catchy little tune that i believe can bring a good four minutes of happiness into any person's life. i am obsessed. oh, and the actual video for this is amazing. i highly recommend youtubing it. 'tis a shame i couldn't post it on here. oh well...i hope that the sunshine is brightening up all of your days, wherever you may be!

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michal said...

I want you to know that when I first heard this song, I thought it was a little too... happy for me. (You know how I am.) But now I can NOT stop listening. I love it.

Thank you.