Monday, July 6, 2009

ich liebe dich.

ich liebe dich=i love you, in german. and if i could figure out how to say "i love germany" or "i love life" or even, "i love europe" in a rapid amount of time, i would make it happen. luckily, my english capabilities are much more applicable and readily available. so i will try to briefly try to express my love for the places i have visited. prague is the most gorgeous city in the world; it is so unbelievably pretty that i do not think any words or photos can even do it justice. salzburg is just lovely with even lovlier surroundings; the alps are incredible. i am now in fussen, and it is just the quiantest little town with the prettiest countryside surrounding it and two giant castles up against the mountains that are just like "oh hello, world" wherever you look. i can highly recommend coming to this side of the globe; i only wish i had more time to fully experience it all! though the little tastes of it that i have gotten have been excellent, i'd say. i hope all is well in the u.s.a... ich liebe dich to all!

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Fish said...

I think you mean fussen haha, I was born there.