Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a delightful day.

it is official. i am recovering. am i one-hundred percent better? no. but today was a good day. and i can't really remember the last time that i had a good day.
today, i am grateful for:
-dentists. though i have found trips to the dentist semi-horrific in the past, there is nothing like the feeling of having freshly cleaned and polished teeth.
-morning naps. i certainly enjoyed being able to come home from the dentist and get a few more hours of shut eye... it was greatly appreciated.
-improvement. though i don't feel great by any means, i definitely can say that i feel better. and i haven't been able to feel that positivity in my life for a while now.
-mom&daughter dates with some old friends. my mom and i went out with two of our dear friends to see the film julie & julia. i highly recommend it. not only is the meryl streep/amy adams combination excellent, the film as a whole is light-hearted and thoroughly enjoyable. it reaffirmed my love for french music, made me realize how insignificant my blog really is (i like it anyway, however), and made me smile. it was great to spend some time with my mama and with some great company.
-evening showers. as we drove home from the movie, there was some serious storm action going on. lightning illuminated the skies, and the cool rain came down in sheets. i don't mind it though. it gave me the chance to come snuggle with some blankets. and now i am going to fall asleep to the sound of the rain. excellent.

p.s. i am so in love with the french-themed soundtrack from the film, i have already looked it up. someday, i will be able to understand this. (please forgive the potentially-juvenile slideshow video situation... just enjoy the music)

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