Tuesday, September 22, 2009

i discovered a few things about myself today:

-i am highly unfashionable. while walking around campus hearing all of the girls giddy over the prospects of fall fashion, i showed up to school in a white skirt, sandals, and a brightly-colored shirt/scarf combo. apparently, this is some sort of huge fashion faux-pas (it is after labor day, after all), but i am just clinging on to every bit of summer that i can.

-i have developed a new talent. i can now fairly-accurately navigate my way around campus with my eyes closed. thank you, mr. virus. often times, you can see me looking something like this:

*also, please note that each of these pictures was taken at a different point during the "sick" period of my life (the past year and half). apparently, being sick inspires me to take photographs with my eyes closed. what a comical little discovery this is.

today, i am very grateful that i am happy to be myself, no matter how the rest of the world perceives me.

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