Sunday, September 13, 2009

my first memory.

you know that ambiguous essay topic we all love to hate? the one that often seems too impossible to construct something meaningful out of? you know, the good old "describe your first memory" one.
well, without intending to come upon this realization, i actually discovered my first memory today. it dates back to exactly sixteen years ago: september 13, 1993.
though i was a mere three years old, i can still recollect a few moments from that day. it was snowing like mad. in september. yes, september. i didn't have the cognitive abilities at the time to realize what a freak snowstorm it was, but i do remember the snow. and i remember my father bringing will and i to the hospital, mcdonald's breakfasts in hand, to see our lovely mother there. i remember just sitting in a room, eating pancakes off of those special styrofoam plates offered only at mickey d's, and waiting. and then i met my baby brother.
i certainly would say that this is a wonderful first memory to have. and september 13 is an excellent day to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of my amazing hermano, bennett. i am so lucky to have two wonderful brothers-- an older brother to help me remember my age, and a younger brother to bring out the juvenile, spontaneous side of me. benny has always been one of my closest friends, and it is so fun to see him grow up. he is such a talented kid-- so athletic, smart, and caring. he can make any person feel comfortable and loved so easily, and he can quote anchorman better than any person i know! plus, he is always first to make weird faces in photos with me. i miss him a lot while i am here in utah, but that just makes reuniting with the family that much better. i cannot believe he is sixteen! he's gonna be a heartbreaker...
happy birthday, little benny!

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Anonymous said...

great first memory! what a nice tribute!! xoxoxo mom