Friday, September 4, 2009

the sound of music.

i have found that listening to my ipod is one of the few things that can keep me energized between classes. not only does it pump me up for my next class, it also adds its own little commentary to my view of my surroundings.

sometimes, i listen to aaron carter and laugh at every person who walks by me, knowing that they have no idea of my childish music selection.

on the occasion, i listen to rap... it adds a bit of swagger to my step (and i always seem to make it across campus faster).

often, i listen to my happy songs, and i can't help but smile at everyone i see.

sometimes, i listen to this, and feel like the coolest person in provo. don't worry, i come back to earth eventually. i am fully aware that i attend a school of 30,000+ people. there has to be at least one person cooler than me... (joke).
thank goodness for music.
it makes for much brighter days.

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michal said...

Beirut is my one true love as of late, and A Sunday Smile is in my top ten favorite Beirut songs.

I feel as though we just shared a moment.