Tuesday, October 27, 2009

365 days.

today, october 26, 2009, marks my one-year anniversary of falling ill.
and what a long year it has been.
though i have grown a great deal, i have struggled a great deal.
though i have learned a lot, i have wanted to just give up... a lot.
since 2008, i have visited the doctor 42 times (and that's just what i can remember.)
i have had two surgeries, filled over twenty-one prescriptions, and gotten my blood drawn so many times that my poor little veins bruise more easily than ever.
i have experienced it all while being sick-- the long, cold winter, the refreshing spring, the bright summer, and the crisp fall.
i lived through my freshman year of college facing constant sickness. and so far, i've made it through 1/4 of my sophomore year doing the same (though barely.)
i traveled to europe while being sick; i took midterms and finals while being sick; i spent a summer in my bed and slept 12 hours, most nights.
it has been hard. so very hard.
and i have a long road ahead.
but guess what?! i survived.
i am so thankful for my Savior and the people who have helped me through.
and i am so, so grateful for my family and feel blessed to have such supportive friends.
so, thank you...
here's to hoping for a healthier, happier october 26, 2010.

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