Monday, October 5, 2009

a bit more nostalgia.

have you ever been sick for a lonnng period of time?
if so, have you noticed how feeling so awful for such a long period of time can make the good memories of past times seem that much more magical?
lately, i have been catching myself reminiscing about some of the happier, healthier, less-stressful times of my life.
for instance, tonight i sat and ate a delicious burger from chadders (highly recommendable), but it brought me back to an adventure involving similarly-delicious burgers from the one-and-only, in-n-out.
one april morning, six friends decided to ditch the sub-zero (okay, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but it was awful cold) temperature of provo and head down south, on the quest for the glory that is in-n-out. and that's just what they did.
four hours in the car, eight hamburgers, and many a french-fry later, this is how satisfied they were:
but the sunshine was just too glorious to resist, so they decided to prolong their return to provo and spend a bit more time playing frisbee and chatting in the park.
but they still hadn't had enough of the sunshine... so they took a little detour to the beautiful st. george temple.
eventually, the need to study called them back to provo, but an enjoyable car ride filled with music and laughter completed their adventure perfectly.

it makes me so happy to think of all of the good memories i've been blessed with.
the good memories, combined with the gospel and wonderful friends and family in my life bring me some joy during the hard times in life.

what memories make you happy?

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