Saturday, October 17, 2009

love means everything, when it comes to tennis.

my family is a tennis family. i do not really know how we became this way, but i think that somehow an enjoyment of everything tennis snuck up on all of us; and we've been hooked ever since. need proof?
guillermo is a natural talent. he managed a first and second place in state consecutive years, and he hardly even played in the
off season!
i fell in love with the sport and played more or less non-stop for four years. i played in the state championship match three years in a row but lost every year in three sets. does that make me really good, or really good at choking? hmm....
we traveled allll the way to london to watch wimbledon. (okay, maybe we didn't fly the thousands of miles solely to see wimbledon, but we DID spend a rainy night camping out in the queue to get tickets).
my hermano, benny, got fourth in state today! the legacy lives on... CONGRATS, BENNY BOY! I'M SO PROUD!

man, i love tennis.

p.s. photos of bennett and me were taken while playing on astro turf in northern ireland. it's quite the experience; i highly recommend that everyone try it once!

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