Friday, October 2, 2009

reminiscing, just a little.

though it is fall, and it is a lovely fall, there was a certain bite in the air today that i had a hard time appreciating. fall is a generally-glorious time of life, but it always signals what is to come... the bitter cold (and finals).
today, i found myself daydreaming a bit about a time in the past. i had just finished a brutal first year of college, and i had adventured off to california with a few friends for a weekend of sunshine and bliss. and right about now, a return trip to the happiest place on earth doesn't sound too bad at all (you know how they decorate it all up halloween-y, with pumpkins all over the place? and think of the haunted mansion at this time of year!)
oh well. the reality of the situation is that i am here, in chilly provo, utah, trying to stay afloat amidst a wave of homework and this blasted illness that just won't leave me alone.
but isn't it great to have the sweet memories and to be able to reminisce a bit?
i think so.

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Bennett and Stacie said...

I'll go back to Disneyland with you right this minute. Huzzah for memories.