Friday, October 23, 2009

they call me grace.

i bet you didn't know that it was possible to fracture your toe while shaving your legs.
well, my friends, it is. want to know how i know it is possible? i did it.
one of my baby toes is very, very sad at present.
he doesn't think that long legs and a teeny shower make for a very good combination.
and neither do i.
i am fairly confident that i am the only human alive who's capable of doing something like this.
at least it makes for a comical story, right?
and i always used to think i had cute feet...
in other news, can i tell you how grateful i am that it is friday tomorrow? welcome, glorious weekend.
also, the angels won, and the phillies took the NLCS. let's hope the halos can pull out two in a row in the bronx, now...

*photo taken on the coast of ireland (with non-broken toes.)

1 comment:

Nameless said...

you are a marvel, sister gleave. you are in fact the only person i know to have fractured a toe while shaving. i'm not sure if sympathies or congratulations are in order. maybe both.