Friday, November 20, 2009

every little thing's gonna be all right.

i woke up in provo, utah.
i'm now going to bed in grand junction, colorado.
tomorrow, i will be home. for good.
i cannot believe it.

i hate rushed goodbyes. and not being able to tie up loose ends. and saying goodbye to best friends (some of which for five months or two years.)
at least my dad was here to help me through this crazy day.
ay yi yi.
this is what i had to keep telling myself to get through the day:

sorry my blog stinks 99.2838393% of the time.

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Nameless said...

Anna, it makes me indescribably sad that I will not see you winter semester, and I feel so bad that I didn't try harder to see you in the fall. I'm such a jerk. But I am sure that taking it easy for a semester will help you feel better and get back on track again- maybe we can resume our letter-writing!
p.s. I'm so glad I could go to dinner with you and Gurecki and Maggie. You guys are the best.