Sunday, November 22, 2009

taking a rest.

1.the refreshing quiet or repose of sleep: a good night's rest.
2.refreshing ease or inactivity after exertion or labor: to allow an hour for rest.
3.relief or freedom, esp. from anything that wearies, troubles, or disturbs.
4.a period or interval of inactivity, repose, solitude, or tranquillity: to go away for a rest.
5.mental or spiritual calm; tranquillity.
6.the repose of death: eternal rest.
7.cessation or absence of motion: to bring a machine to rest.

this is what i need. though on july 31, 2009, i promised to commit myself to 365 days of sunshine on this little blog of mine, i have realized that this is a bit too difficult at present. why?, you ask.
just as i have had to part with most everything else in my life, i am in need of a rest. a break from blogging, if you will. especially in this season of gratitude, i know the importance of being grateful. and i will not rest from my gratitude; do not fret. i may just be a bit less descriptive, a bit more private about my gratitude as i try and sort out my life.
my apologies.
i hope you're having the loveliest of sundays. i am going to try to enjoy mine here in sunny arizona, that's for sure.

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