Saturday, October 31, 2009

tricks and treats.

sometimes, i think it would be nice to go back to this:
i adore this picture. super tough indiana jones will. smiley anna. and benny's my favorite-- the courageous (and muscular) spider-man!
there is something about halloween that brings unexplainable excitement to a child.
i remember my childhood halloweens very fondly... the costume parades, the bobbing for apples, and oh... the sugar!
though this year's halloween wasn't nearly as magical due to illness and such, i was still able to put on my favorite mom pants and party with the most ghostly of provo for a solid 20 minutes.
i also ate a fair amount of candy corn, chocolate, and carmel-apple suckers to celebrate.
now, i am going to sleep in my favorite halloween socks, just to finish the night off right.
happy halloween to all!
and to all a good night.

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