Wednesday, December 30, 2009


i spent the day with andre agassi.
i read his autobiography, open.
and i'd say it was time well spent.
in fact, i was sad it ended.
it reminded me of my love for tennis.
it proved to me how cool mullets really were in the '90s.
it showed me all of the trials mr. agassi had to endure,
but it also showed me the way in which he overcame them and succeeded.
andre taught me a thing or two today (and more than just about my backhand).
it's hard to read, at times, but it's a good read.
i recommend it.


Nameless said...

I'm glad that I'm not alone in my appreciation of '90s mullets. I hope that comes back some day. Though I don't understand the first thing about tennis (or any other thing about it, really, except that it involves rackets), I have considered reading this book.

Madeleine Gleave said...

ha! my mom went to the same high school with him. hope you're doing well, love! i'm glad to be reading your blog again. :)