Thursday, January 21, 2010

my diet... wait, what?

tomorrow, i will begin my first full day of the blandest diet on the planet earth. most of you know of the previous diet limitations i have learned to cope with (no gluten or dairy), but this new, doctor-ordered diet takes limitation to a whole new level. you know, like how everest takes altitude to a whole new level. that kind of intense. my daily food selections (or lack thereof) will look a little something like this:

absolutely no:
-processed oats

very little:

what is a girl supposed to eat?! i think the part that saddens me most about this is that i had grown to love my previous diet (comprised mainly of kid's cliff bars and baked lays). i guess someone else is going to have to snatch up the costco-sized packages of these babies i currently have stocked in my pantry. any takers?
so long, favorite treats. hello, rice?
oh well, i've just got to survive until march eighteenth.
and at least i've got it better than these guys, right?
wish me luck!

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