Wednesday, March 17, 2010

pants on the ground.

this is the scene in our kitchen at 11:49 p.m. on a wednesday night.
i'd like to say that i just captured a rare moment, or that those evil little leprechauns have been tossing around the tricks in honor of st. patrick's day (or something?!)... but alas, this is a more-than-rare occurrence at the gleave household.
i know, i know... you're all asking yourselves how on earth this happens... and so often, at that.
well, take a look at this kid (yep, the one on the left...), and it all might make a little more sense.
he is a goofball. and he apparently doesn't like wearing pants? if he could wear gym shorts alone for the rest of his life, i am pretty sure he'd go for it.
oh, what a funny boy.
thank you, benny, for putting so many smiles on my face. and happy st. patrick's day to you all! (i've never really understood this holiday. but seeing as i am 0.000% irish, i guess i can live with that.)

oh! and p.s.: tomorrow i will (hopefully) reunite with my long lost friend sugar. it will be a gooood day.


Anonymous said...

You actually have Irish blood running through your veins, missy. xoxo

Aymaraman said...

Your blog is the best, Tweet. It brightens my day!