Friday, April 23, 2010


conversations like this make me remember why i love my little benny oh so much:

bennett: you're not allowed to eat frozen yogurt.
me: muah ha ha why not?
bennett: it's against anna belly laws.
me: true, but it's worth breaking the law every once in a while. it's ohhhh so delicious!
bennett: like gluten!
bennett: i love... keegan? you got a letter.
me: really?! yahoooo!
bennett: i opened it. it said, "i love anna." that's it.
me: (with severe skepticism) really? oh neato!
bennett: he then drew a picture of you and him married riding a llama on your honey moon to macchu picchu (he spelled it machupeachu)
me: he sure knows the way to my heart.

i apologize if none of you really understand this... sometimes (99.837% of the time), we speak our own languages. though this trip with my mama is a blast, it would be excellent to have the other 3/5 of our family here to share all of the adventures with us!
they're the best.

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