Friday, April 9, 2010

the good & the bad.

the good news: it's friday.
the bad news: another week gone by means the date of my return to the holy land (utah) looms even closer. and the return to the holy land means my big fat pd bio final is rapidly approaching.

the good news: i slept until noon today.
the bad news: i've started sleeping until noon every day... it is the worst of habits.

the good news: the nuggets pulled out a win against satan's team (the lakers) yesterday.
the bad news: oh wait, what is bad about that?

the good news: keegan comes home in roughly 415 days.
the bad news: FOUR HUNDRED and fifteen days...

the good news: i am at home, where i can rest.
the bad news: i am fighting a sinus infection. again.

the good news: i just polished off my family's carton of slow-churned frozen yogurt to take away my blues.
the bad news: i am lactose intolerant.

it is a little bit ironic that this song came on as i write this...
"blue skies are coming, but i know that it's hard."
-noah and the whale


Anonymous said...

the good news: i want to laugh

the bad news: i wan to cry

Aymaraman said...

The good news: Luke 2:7

Spring is here!