Monday, May 17, 2010

blake mycoskie, you're a genius.

so remember when i did this and then told you i'd fill you in on all of the details later?
welp, better late than never... right?

i am a firm supporter of the TOMS movement-- to do humanitarian work through our own consumerism... brilliant.
and since i love my pair of TOMS so much and am a huge fan of mr. mycoskie's movement, i decided to take the TOMS "one day without shoes" challenge and experience a little piece of what life is like for many children (and people) living in developing countries.

i've always been one who loves the romantic, hippie ideals of running around barefoot in the summertime and enjoying the feel of nature between my toes; but i must admit, the 1.5 mile walk that elise and i hosted was difficult. extremely difficult, to be accurate. i ended up with some scratches, blisters, and terribly sore feet... and that was only after forty-five minutes of walking! i really couldn't imagine going all day, every day without shoes.
every time that i think about all of the people who can't afford to buy one pair of shoes, i feel a little bit (extremely) ridiculous for the many pairs sitting in my closet.
but that's the best part about TOMS... it's an investment that i don't have to feel badly about.
anyway, check out TOMS and their movement: and help give shoes to adorable little children, like these:
oh, and just a few more photos from our walk... t'was a gorgeous colorado day.
DSC_0016 2DSC_0002
DSC_0023 2

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