Friday, July 9, 2010

now i know, it'll be all right.

sorry for the little bit of complaints yesterday.
i'll call it my last excuse to be angst-y... i turn twenty in a few days, and so i suppose i had to have one last go at the whole teenage angst idea.

i realize that i do have a beautiful life, as manifested my photos from the july fourth weekend. i am so lucky to have such incredibly caring people in my life.

the fourth in itself was relatively uneventful. we were all pretty exhausted from our travels, so we had a nice, quiet sunday.
we churched, and my extent of real celebration included gluten-free pancakes for breakfast and a bbq dinner.
but we continued the celebration through the fifth.
faj had work off, so we headed up to the mountains to celebrate by strolling through old idaho springs, snacking on taffy, and devouring some beau jos.
madre and i rounded the day off by hitting up some crazy-good sales at the outlets.
her banana republic discount is, in a word, dangerous.

i guess i've just gotta keep looking at all of the goodness, even while i am stressed and ill.
i'll get through it.

"i know everything's gonna be all right."
-joshua radin

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