Wednesday, August 25, 2010

mister potter and me.

i envy harry potter for a lot of reasons.

not to mention the vigor with which he eats gluten, his ability to woo the opposite gender while wearing painfully awkward glasses, his sweet accent, and, oh yeah, his ability to be powerfully magical in all regards...

i'd have to say, at present, the number one reason i envy mr. potter is the ease and excitement with which he goes back to school.

if my parents were more like the dursleys, i think it'd make going back to hogwarts (byu) so much easier.

herein lies the problem; they're nothing like the dursleys. in fact, they're 3829374739201 times nicer than the dursleys could ever dream of being, and they're my best friends.

it could be a loooong semester.

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