Thursday, September 16, 2010

oh boy.

so, maybe i used to be a health nut (emphasis on the nut).
i stayed miles away from anything even remotely fried or coated in sugar.
i ate loooots of salads, fruits, and whole grains.
i did an obscene (yes people, we're talking thousands) number of crunches every night.

and soda... soda was a serious no-no in my book.
i stopped drinking soda in eighth grade, and not a drop of soda touched my lips for a solid five years.

but recently, i've sunken to a new low.
i get headaches. and really, awfully tired.
and the only cure seems to be my old enemy, soda.
diet coke, to be exact.

i am well aware that it is comprised of some strange combination of chemicals that has zero nutritional content.
i know that it is terribly addicting (boy, do i know),
and that it is not ideal to rely on caffeine as an energy source.

but right now, when getting out of bed isn't exactly easy,
i need my diet coke.
and shoot, is it ever refreshing.

i know, i know, my life is glamorous.

(amazing costa rican coca-cola light)


Anonymous said...

give it up as soon as you can!! xoxo

Taylor Ann said...

Also, how is it possible that Coke Light is fifty times better than Diet Coke? They have it in Mexico too. For real.