Wednesday, September 22, 2010

reasons why i love my roommates:

1. i come home and turn on the tv, and guess what they've been watching... food network!
2. they are nice to me when i am sick and surgery'd.
3. they don't really care when i choose not to wear makeup or have cavewoman hair.
4. they like to throw parties and make new friends.
5. sometimes, we stay up really late watching house hunters and laughing.
6. they are really cute and oh-so-nice.
7. we get in our daily ab workouts through youtube videos.
8. they keep our apartment clean.
9. they like to cook delicious-smelling foods, often.
10. they don't call me a bum when i sleep in until 12.
11. they're always quick to offer up their help when i am not having a good day.
12. they don't think i'm a loser when i am not feeling well and spend my weekend on the couch in pjs.
13. they watch the middle and modern family with me, and we laugh hysterically.
14. they aren't ashamed to go to the grocery store with me and stock up on mounds of on-sale brownie, cake, and cookie mixes. they're my kind of women!
so far, the 303 has treated me verrrry well. i am a lucky girl.

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