Friday, October 22, 2010

cozy days.

i must admit, for how terrible i've felt all day, i am utterly content.

i love being home. and on this anna-declared cozy day, i actually got a fair amount done.

i slept for twelve hours straight.
i ate peanut m&ms in bed.
i found out that i do not have mono!
i chatted with my mama.. a lot.
i got caught up on a few more shoots.
i stalked a few little blogs.
i hung out with the little bro for a bit.
i ate a medium gluten-free pizza by myself (and loved every second of it!)
i was brought back to the good old days by watching movies with my parents.
i enjoyed snuggling indoors away from the gloomy fall drizzle.
i forgot about school for a sec, and i rested.

though i'd rather be healthy and fun, i'd say this cozy little day will definitely help heal me.

my two bffs for the day: my quilt & little computer.

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