Friday, October 29, 2010

i've got friends in high places...

so i have these two best friends.
and they just so happen to be craaazy talented.

elise is my cubana. we share a love for exercise, platanos, shakira, and of course our latin roots.
she finds the romance in every little aspect of life, which feeds her aspirations of becoming a wedding planner.
she's got this fabulous blog that any romantic would adore.
check it out here!
beth is my partner in crime. we've worked on many shoots together, traveled the country together, and go crazy with creative energy together. she comes from a family of incredibly talented artists (and is one herself), but she's now branching out into the world of film.
annnnd we're business partners! check out her work here.
or her website, here!

and while you're at it, check out my site:

moral of the story: if you're getting married or know of anyone getting married, the three amigas can team up and get our art on!

i'm so lucky to have them.

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