Wednesday, October 27, 2010

my two-year anniversary.

it has been exactly two years since my immune system ran away from me.

it has been two looong years.

i've learned a lot, i've grown a lot, i've changed a lot.

i know that i can endure... i can do hard things.

but really, i could do much harder things.. if i were on the healthier side.

i know that i've become a much stronger person in the midst of it all, and i am quite grateful for this.

and i'm grateful for all that i have been able to accomplish during the past two years.

but, i'm thinking/hoping/praying that the days preceding october 26, 2011 will be much healthier... you know?

thank goodness for my religion, my family, and my friends for helping me through the hard times. really, thank you.

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