Sunday, October 10, 2010


this weekend has been full of ups & downs.
the downs: will's car getting monster truck'd, the never-ending fatigue, my insane homework load, four hours straight of cleaning (only to barely pass the check), my uncontrollable sugar binges, a lame bonfire/dance party situation, my constant sore throat, and the cold weather.
the ups: A VICTORY (yay, cougars... 'tis about time), lots of roommate time, a saturday morning nap, a gluten-free pumpkin roll (see below), a new favorite ingrid michaelson tune, delicious mexican food con the roommates, new inspiration/advertising plans for my business, and an excellent zumba class taught by my cute namibian t.a.

also! my nose/teeth pain is dwindling, so i am feeling as if this surgery recovery is working its way out.

thank goodness for the good moments. huzzah.

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