Thursday, October 14, 2010

simple joys.

today started out horribly.
i woke up feeling very ill, so i skipped my first class and went back to sleep.
i woke up for my second class, feeling equally as ill.
but i toughed it out and headed up to campus.
i don't think my legs have ever protested the walk up that hill so much.. ever.
after zoning out through my chem class, i parked it in another building to study.
and that's when the migraine hit.
ohhhh man.
spanish was pointless, besides when i schooled all of the RMs with my knowledge of "durmiera" conjugations.
after that, i was really, really done with today.

i came home to my cute roommates, some chicken & rice soup, and our favorite tv shows.
we baked a big batch of gluten-free, pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies,
and suddenly, everything got better.

my migraine is starting to go away finally (though this dang jaggy lines won't leave my eyesight alone!)
so now i must begin studying for my midterm tomorrow,
and then i'll catch a few zzz's.

big thanks to my older brother and mama for the encouragement and diet coke, también.

thank goodness for the little things...
what simple pleasures make your days better?

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