Wednesday, October 20, 2010

viva la france!

the last few days have been pretty tough.
turns out that my little immune system isn't quite as strong as i would've hoped,
and i've got another infection.

i am hoping that the end is in sight, one of these days...
but until then, i'll reflect on a happier time from the past month.

once upon a september, we decided to head to the city to see an awesome concert.

ethan looked like a super cool hippie man:
averill & i looked a little bit like real-life hippies (i promise, we don't do drugs).
and will and jake attempted to look like hipsters (but ended up just looking like huuge creeps).
i was unable to snag some photos of my cute cousins... but they completed our concert crew!

the frenchmen put on such a good show, but they forbid me from bringing nikita in.
who knew you couldn't bring a professional camera to a small SLC show?

regardless, i got some horrible-quality iphone pics to remember the night.
i can't fully describe in words how incredible the show was... they are so energetic and engaging in person.
their lights and effects were so rad and unique,
and their sound is so deep live. seriously, incredible.

if you haven't already, check out PHOENIX.
and watch this:

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Liz Willes said...

I am so insanely jealous you got to see Phoenix, miss anna! they're amazing!