Monday, November 1, 2010

happy halloween!

this weekend has been a little bit wild.
between the various halloween get togethers and the various work projects and the homeworking, i've been pretty busy.
i pulled out the infamous six-sizes-too-big mom pants and rocked the #1 mom outfit (as is tradition), complete with keds, a super cool shirt, and a fanny pack (stuffed with goodies for my ten children).
the evidence:
(i don't know why this photo is awkwardly blurry... no, i did not take it).

we celebrated today by churching, eating a little extra chocolate, and having a celebratory dinner.
we were determined to make everything we ate coordinate with the orange-and-gold color scheme.
thus, we ate burgers with sweet potato fries, carrots, and puppy chow. delicious.

by the way, fanny packs make the most excellent cell-phone holders at dance parties. just a little tip...


Nameless said...

Oh what nostalgia that costume brings! Haha I love should totally bring the fanny pack back into popularity. You could do it.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a fun night! what would we have done without you mom??