Wednesday, November 10, 2010

our anatomy.

the human body astounds me.
my poor little body has had it rough the past few years.
it's been fighting so hard, and it still is.
i am amazed at its resilience... after the years of constant illness and occasional injury, it just keeps fighting.
and i've been able to accomplish so much, even as i have been persevering.

my cells continue to replicate, to function, to heal.
my heart continues to beat so powerfully.
my brain continues to think, to process, to learn.
my immune system continues to strengthen.
my lungs continue in that necessary, ever-present renewal of life.

and all of these continual processes are so delicately interwoven to allow a perfect functionality.

it's impossible for me to imagine a creation as beautiful as the human body coming from anything other than God.

today, i am grateful for my body.
that it keeps me pushing forward.
and that even though i had a killer migraine, i was able to accomplish 3.5 miles at the gym today-- a feat i haven't been able to conquer for a while now.
it was awfully refreshing.

God is good.

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