Tuesday, November 16, 2010


i really lucked out this year with four great roommates.
yes, i say four because two are really pseudo roommates of the best sort (we are constantly each other's houses... which is nice, since it's right next door!)
these girls are talented, intelligent, and driven.
they are hilarious, so much fun, and they are constantly raising my self esteem.

right about now,
i don't know what i'd do without them!

we went up the canyon for a sec this weekend, in an attempt to capture the foliage. but instead, we got....

o mary
mary is a registered dietician who will be finished with her masters in one short month! she is oh so wise and understands my gluten-free situations better than i do.

o amanda3
amanda is a future advertising/marketing master who is a fabulous dancer and so full of life! what a sweetheart.

o michelle
michelle is an international relations guru. she's passionate about middle-eastern affairs, and is amazing-- she speaks arabic and some farsi!

o lauren copy
lauren suffers through the rigors of the health science courses with me as she prepares to go to dental hygiene school in the spring. she's incredibly optimistic & giving, and she always makes me feel so welcome and loved!

i feel as if there was a bit of divine intervention when i think about how i came to randomly come in contact with these women this year. they've been so caring and supportive of me, and we've shared so many laughs.
plus, they're quite attractive (and most of them are single)... so, if anyone knows any willing single fellas... wink, wink...


Michelle said...

Anna. I adore you.

I'm SOOO happy that we're pseudo roomies!!

Mary said...

Anna you are so amazing, I love being your roomie! ;)