Saturday, November 6, 2010

oh, saturday.

today started out in the most sour of fashions... cleaning checks.
and not only did we have cleaning checks, our apartment was checked by the cleaning dictator/housewife turned psychotic/#1 cleaner professional of the world.
and no, i'm not being dramatic.

after "barely" passing the checks, an hour or so of rants in apartment 303 ensued.
we finally settled down a bit, and took halfway-decent saturday naps.

now, i could turn this story into something sad, pathetic, and horrible, but i'll keep it real.
we went to the byu game in the afternoon, and the cougs more or less ruled the field.
it was nice to throw down a 55-7 win, even if our opponent was only 1-8 for the season...

i promise, we were happy! see?...
amanda & i were so pumped for the big W

as requested by jake... will & his homeboys

our second-row seats allowed us easy access for the high-five situation at the end of the game.
oh, and amanda is a hair model.

despite the disastrous morning, the rest of the day worked out quite nicely.
and thank goodness for that!

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