Saturday, December 25, 2010

a christmas eve of sorts.


time is a funny thing.
last year, my christmas eve rocked.
even though i was quite ill, i really had a remarkable day.

i was hoping that today would be a similar experience.
however, i woke up feeling not-quite-right.
and that not quite right quickly turned into one of those full-blown, nearly paralyzing migraines.
naturally, i decided that it would be a brilliant idea to wait to do my christmas shopping until four p.m. on christmas eve (or really, i just haven't had the time), so cried my way through kohls. the cashier awkwardly asked me, "are you sick?" "no, i just look this good all of the time..."

but one thing i've learned over the past two and a half years is that pain passes.
after five hours, some coke, a nice rest, and a little bit of inspiration, i started feeling quite a bit better.

i was able to salvage the evening by just enjoying time with my family.
we ate chinese food (ten points for yen king & their gluten-free food!), read the christmas story, and ended the night off right with home alone 2.

today, i am thankful for christ.
that he has a plan for us.
and that he can heal us, if we just keep enduring.

oh! and another little thing that cheers me up:
i have the cutest little brother in the world... he decks out his room for christmas every year, with lights, a tree... the whole shebang.
this year, he wrapped fake mini packages to put under his little christmas tree in his bedroom. is he not the most adorable 17-year-old on earth?

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