Sunday, January 30, 2011

there's really nothing better than being home.

there's just something about being woken up by your mother for the day, not some silly alarm clock.
and lounging around with the family, watching a basketball game (even if the end result didn't turn out to be so great).
and eating dinner at the best neighborhood pizza place (some of the best gluten-free pizza there is!), while chatting with your parents.
and enjoying a delightful browse in the sports authority with your mom while your father falls asleep in the camping chairs.
and watching the office with your cute little brother.
and catching up with your best friend after watching a terrible 80s movie,
and realizing that robert downey jr.'s looks really improved with age-- see here (plus a nice gappy smile) vs. here.
and somehow "forgetting" to do homework in the midst of it all.

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