Friday, February 25, 2011

my achy breaky heart.

i love my nuggets.
this is a commonly-known fact.
but if any of you know me really well, you know that i have a thing for mister chauncey billups.
he's been my favorite nugget for some time now; i've been impressed with his teamwork and skill.
plus, he's a colorado native! what's better than that?!
so you can imagine my horror/disappointment when i heard how he got roped into melo's trade earlier in the week.
melo's been dead to me for some time now (too much drama for one season), but why did he have to pull chauncey into it?!

oh well, my love for señor billups remains.
i'm really not ready to retire his denver jersey; he'll forever be a nugget to me!

oh, and another reason to be mad at melo: he took balkman away from me, too. though balkman never got any playing time, he had dreads, and i think he's awesome. what are they going to do with the "balkman's buddies" section of the pepsi center now, eh?

despite the fact that we lost half of our team, my (old & new) boys pulled out a win against the celtics tonight. that's right, the celtics!!!
things are looking up. even without my two favorite nuggies...

so long, mr. bigshot...

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