Sunday, February 27, 2011


one of my best friends just got home from from his two-year mission for the lds church to west virginia.
unfortunately, i was having my tonsils ripped out of my throat the day he came home, so i missed his real homecoming.
but he came to provo this weekend... and it was so great to catch up!
we went to cafe rio (the best) and saw tron with some friends at the dollar theater.
the movie had potential (but awful dialogue)... definitely worth a dollar, though.

look how far our friendship has come...



oh, and ladies... lucky for all of you, he's single!

*the first picture is from a white trash party in high school. classy, i know.
**okay, so the second picture is in 3d glasses... equally as classy. sometimes, it's fun to not grow up.


scott said...

You are the best!

Elise said...

my two faves. annie come home. now. please.