Sunday, March 6, 2011


take five stressed-out, college-age kids, a 4runner full of snowboard gear, and some night skiing passes at sundance, and what do you get? a painfully good time.
a few of my friends and i have been talking about hitting the slopes for months now; i've just needed to get strong enough health-wise to make it happen.
and last night, we made it happen.
after departing provo around 5:00, we scored an excellent parking spot and immediately grabbed our gear to get moving.
i hadn't been snowboarding since last march, so it felt great to get out there again.

i do have a little beef with these utah mountains, though.
have you ever heard the phrase "the best snow in the world" associated with utah?
(if you haven't, check out a majority of utah license plates...)
well, it's a lie.
utah has pretty mountains, indeed, but this snow was a little bit evil.
it was basically an ice rink of a ski slope.... and i've got the bruises to prove it!

i guess i'm just a little bit bias, growing up in the beautiful state of colorado and all...
(and you all know how much i adore the big CO)

i digress.
it was an awesome evening.
we had a blast.
and ate our body weight's worth of red robin fries when we returned home.

also, please, please, please wear a helmet when you snowboard. or bike, for that matter.
protect yo brain!

the ever eager michelle... it was her first time boarding, and she rocked it!
lauren and 1/2 of anna.
i had no intentions of taking an artsy photo (for once)... i was trying to snag a shot of the mountains, but two lovers decided to hold hands in front of me... hmm...
proof that we really skied sundance. and a fraction of my awesome turquoise snow pants.
mister robert redford loves his sundance.
(did you know my mom skied with him there once... she's awesome, i know)
it's little and quaint and so close to provo, so i think i kind of love it too.

the end.

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sjg said...

Ok. Ok. I didn't actually ski WITH Mr. Redford, but I skied right behind him!!