Saturday, April 23, 2011

press-printed products.

as a photographer, it's so fun to work with my clients and design professional print products for them... it's a great way to let their personalities shine through!
remember these invitations i designed a few months back?
well lately, i've been working on some new products.

thank-you notes
these are such a fun way to say "thank you!" to everyone who attended your wedding... i include a design for thank-you notes in most of my wedding packages, and each design is tailored specifically to the couple and their wedding, including their image(s), colors, theme, etc.

press-printed albums
the options are really endless with these albums! each spread is custom-designed... quotes, love notes, color schemes, etc. can be added to increase originality and make the albums a perfect keepsake. the paper is thick, so it won't tear or get soiled over the years, and there are so many beautiful cover options, from leather to vintage fabric to prints!

interested in more press-printed products? contact me!

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Becca and Bryan said...

those look AMAZING!!! Holy crap!! I wish I had something like that!!