Sunday, April 17, 2011


lately i've been having a blast working on a little line of poster prints.
they're perfect for casual spaces... rec rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, offices, etc.
they are a little bit retro, a little bit simple, and a lot of fun.
we just printed some for our apartment, and they really spice up the room.
here are a few of them!posters
i'm selling 8x10s for $4.50 and 11x14s for $9.50.
please let me know what you think!

all posters can be tailored to individuals... colors, wording, etc. can be changed to fit different people.
e-mail {} or comment if interested.


1 comment:

minnie kaileigh said...

so cute ! Id like some that are the size of postcards and I'd make a collage out of them. another good idea would be to do cards with these! I like your prints idea alot :)