Friday, April 8, 2011

she's only happy in the sun.

i truly believe that every person should get the chance to spend a few days of early spring in arizona, at least once.
a normally-barren place, the phoenix area (specifically mesa) really brightens up in the springtime.
the orange trees blossom, creating my favorite smell in the world.
seriously, i waft the scent in for about .2394 seconds, and a smile instantly takes over my face.
and that smile pretty much never leaves.
the weather is perfect, and my body appreciates the vitamin d from all of that sunshine after the brutal mountain winters.
the flowers on all of the trees and cacti blossom, adding some glorious color to the desert scene.
and i already mentioned the incredible mexican cuisine.

you don't believe me?
see for yourself!

where do you like to go for spring break?

*post title via these lyrics, all images ® anna gleave photography

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Unknown said...

Those photos are just lovely! Houston, TX is also prettiest in the Spring! I was in Arizona last January to run a half marathon, and the weather was awesome... I lived in Washington State at the time, so it felt heavenly compared to the cold I was used to!