Sunday, April 3, 2011

swanberg wedding.

now that i've spent the last two days in ninety-five degree heat, i feel as if i've finally thawed out from this blizzardy december wedding and am ready to share photos with you!
kidding about the thawing part... not kidding about the blizzard.

i had the privilege of shooting the stunning swanberg's wedding in logan back in december.
it was quaint, a little bit vintage, and absolutely lovely.
though, there was a literal blizzard up there while we were shooting; i couldn't even get a full picture of the temple because it was such a white out!
and my trigger freezer was so frozen within ten minutes that i had a hard time clicking the shutter.

no complaints, though. they had a lovely reception hall... and the snow looked beautiful.
brianne and christopher were such troopers and handled the cold like champs.
and they sang enrique to each other during their first dance. classic.
so without further ado,
i give you, mister and misses swanberg.
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congratulations, christopher & brianne!

thanks for the lovely day.

Accessories: family-owned
Sweet on You Cakeshop
Groom's attire:
Dawson Richards Tux Shop
Plant Peddler
Bridesmaid dresses:
David's Bridal
Reception Venue: Old Rock Church

{logan, utah wedding photography}

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beautiful photos!