Wednesday, April 6, 2011

tia rosa's.

every time i go to arizona to visit my extended family,
i make sure to eat at my favorite restaurant in the world...
more than once.
i eat mexican food weekly, so i've grown a bit picky in regards to this particular type of cuisine.
and this place, it's number one on my list.

they've got the sweetest salsa verde,
and delectable meats
--even their rice and beans are memorable!
and my mom insists that the shrimp tacos are to die for.

here are a few snapshots from our afternoon on aunt rosa's back porch.

tia rosas
tia rosa3
my padre is the best and makes sure i get my fill of tia's during my stay.
i was in arizona for three days last weekend.
he brought me there twice.

if you're ever in the mesa area,
eat here.

i promise; you won't regret it!

post script: there's also an older rosa's that is equally as good... look for that one in downtown mesa!


Pam said...
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smashley said...

looks beautiful!

Aymaraman said...


Quiero ir otra vez!


Elise said...

ayyy se ve muy delicioso!!!