Thursday, April 28, 2011

vale, pt. 1.

there are a few things i have learned during my short time in spain:

1. when you go to a tapas bar during a real madrid/barcelona game, you WILL receive tapas... even after you explain to the confused waitress that you're allergic to everything on the menu.

2. there are four main food groups here: potatoes, bread, meat, and olive oil. so much olive oil.

3. vale. vale. vale. vale.

4. spanish men love blondes. even when you're not actually very blonde and avoid eye contact at all costs. there's no hiding.

5. siesta is when the spanish watch telenovelas and sleep. siesta is when the americans get on facebook. this will inevitably change; i, for one, am looking forward to the daily nap situation.

6. i am obsessed with spanish children. i just want to snatch them all up and put them in my pockets... you need proof?
7. spain makes for one very happy anna.

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