Friday, May 6, 2011

lost in translation, part 2.

remember this?
well, we have found a few little mistakes here in spain:
as we're here speaking our spanish, we've made (just a couple) blunders.
"la espalda mágica"= the magic back
intended to say "the magic mirror" (espejo)
"quiero ir el parque y sentirme"= i want to go to the park and feel myself
intended to say "i want to go to the park and sit" (sentarme)
"es difícil a hacer pilates en mi cuaderno"= it's hard to do pilates in my notebook
intended to say "it's hard to do pilates in my bedroom" (cuarto)

i'm sure there will be many more little gems coming your way soon.
que chistoso.

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Jen Kerr said...

when i was there i was bearing my testimony and i said "se que las escrituras son verduras." i know the scriptures are vegetables. it was great. i hope you are having SO much fun!