Sunday, May 29, 2011

seaside blues.

so i must admit,
ever since our trip to valencia a few weeks ago,
i've been craving another trip to the mediterranean.

we spent three lovely hours at the beach when we were in valencia--
avoiding the desnudos, splashing in the water, and getting a little bit of a tan.
the water was close to perfect temperature,
and i was prettty content.


speaking of oceans, i've been attempting to expand my palate a bit here in spain.
meaning, i actually eat the seafood paella and salmon when it is placed before me... usually...
that being said, i just didn't have it in me to eat the tuna salad i was given tonight.
so now i've gotta figure out how to discretely get rid of it... any suggestions?

fish are friends, not food.

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Jen Kerr said...

we used to get rid of extra food by putting it in our napkins and then throwing the napkins away in the downstairs trash can when we left the next time. haha. good times.