Monday, June 20, 2011

all good things must come to an end.

to say that my last few days in madrid were eventful would be quite the understatement.
the adventures began with our final night of kebabs as a group... and when i say as a group, i mean that there were 4o-something of us dominating the kebab house...
and a viewing of los miserables (in spanish, obvs) downtown.
the show was beautiful, but we seemed to purchase tickets on 12-year-olds' night out, as the theater was jam-packed with pre-pubescent spaniards.
enter: seat kicking, sing alongs, and popcorn flying everywhere.
the overall experience was excellent, but the aftermath of train-missing and getting home at 2:30 am the night before finals... wasn't so excellent.

us being miserable (and oh, so clever) in front of the theater:

the next day included a dreadful final, a birthday ice cream in the park, and frantically attempting to finish the slideshow video for the group.
we graduated from our odd little school program,
and then we strolled around alcalá and ate our last dinner as a group at some fancy italian restaurant.
i ordered lime sorbet as dessert... turns out the little kick in the sorbet wasn't lime juice, after all (mojito... oops!)
needless to say, my dessert order was promptly switched, and i enjoyed my fresa ice cream.

thursday consisted of our final excursion into madrid.
this marked the last time i'd stop at the chino store for a snack and use the train station in alcalá with my amigos:
(the statue is a monument for the people who were killed in the eta train bombing of 2004)

we finally conquered the lake in el parque retiro, then we grabbed a magnum bar or two and went to the world's largest h&m.
okay, maybe it's not actually the world's largest... but it is four stories tall; that has to count for something!
finally feeling utterly european, i tried on a full-length romper. aaaand, i didn't hate it. comfier than footy pajamas!
please take note of will's cheesy "i'm on a boat" pose. too much coke for him...

we finished the evening off with another trip to kebab land and a goodbye gathering in the plaza at midnight.
i'm gonna miss those kiddos.

my real-life final day in madrid consisted of packing, printing plane tickets, buying last-minute gifts, sweating profusely, and saying goodbye to alcalá. oh, and a 3-hour delayed, turbulance-ridden flight to germany.

though i am loving this time with my family,
i can't believe that my time in spain ended so quickly.
i'm already missing it...

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